Unlike the conventional quartz watch powered by the button-type battery,
the SEIKO KINETIC is equipped with an automatic power generating system
developed by SEIKO. It generates the electrical energy to power the watch,
utilizing the movement of the arm or wrist, and stores it in a KINETIC E.S.U.
So the watch does not use a battery, and the battery replacement procedures
are completery elimminated.
The watch features a power reserve indicator function that shows with
the movement of the second hand how many days of power reserve is stored
in the KINETIC E.S.U.
If fully charged, the watch will keep operating for more than 6 months
The watch is also equipped with a dual time function.
The 24-hour hand can indicate the time of an area in different time zone
while the hour hand is indicating the time of your area.
The hour hand can be set independently of the other hands, and therefore,
when you travel abroad, the time of places you visit can easily be shown
only a turn of the hour hand while the 24-hour hand displays the time back home.

Produced by Pipin Ferreras
If fully charged, the watch will keep operating
for more than 6 months!!

Price in JAPAN:150000yen
Our price:Distontinued/No Longer available

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